If you are tired of the crowds and noise of the city and want to spend a quiet day in touch with green nature without getting away from the city, Aydos Forests is one of the pearls of the Anatolian side where you can meet this need. Aydos is a place where you can get away at any time with its easy transportation, not too crowded and a wonderful natural structure.

Since Aydos is spread over a very large area, although it is connected to Kartal district of Istanbul, it also has lands for Sultanbeyli, Sancaktepe and Pendik borders. In this case, the fact that the public transport networks of the districts are developed provides great convenience in terms of transportation.

Although you have gone to Aydos Forest for a picnic or to breathe in green areas, you can encounter this history in the forest in Istanbul, where every point smells of history. There is a castle belonging to the Byzantine period on the highest hill of the forest. Although the castle, which was built to protect the region at that time, has been restored from time to time, it has managed to come to the present day with a beautiful appearance.
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